Hunting for waterfowl occurs at the Piute Ponds Complex during the designated hunting season. The base follows California state hunting regulations; however, they may be further limited by Base regulations. All hunters must carry a Edwards AFB Hunting License, State hunting license and waterfowl stamp, and a federal duck stamp. Waterfowl hunting is open to authorized members of the public as well as military and DOD civilians.

Waterfowl hunting must be conducted from a designated blind. Blind locations are obtained through a drawing that occurs in late summer. There are typically about 40 blinds available. Each blind is sold to 2 individuals that will be partners for the season. The blinds have a maximum occupancy of 4. Each hunter must have all required permits and authorized access to Edwards AFB. For additional infomation on the blind drawing protocols see Edwards AFB Instruction 32-7064.

The use of a nonmotorized watercraft at the Piute Ponds Complex is allowed only during waterfowl hunting season to access duck blinds and retrieve fallen ducks or geese harvested or through written permission from 412 CEG/CEV. All persons using watercraft must wear a life vest that is approved by the U.S. Coast Guard.

The 2021 Duck Blind Drawing will be held electronically using the lottery system in iSportsman. You can enter the lottery by going into your profile and purchasing a free entry ticket permit.

2023-2024 Waterfowl Hunting Season Resources:

  1. Hunting Blind Map
  2. Hunting Blind Coordinates
  3. Blind Owernership Contact List
  4. Harvest Form
  5. Vehicle Form
  6. Hunter Orientation Briefing
  7. Hunting Season Introduction Briefing
  8. Duck Identification - lots of resources available! Here are a few:
    1. http://www.ducks.org/hunting/waterfowl-id/
    2. https://academy.allaboutbirds.org/quizzes/duck-and-waterfowl-identification-try-a-free-quiz/
    3. https://flyways.us/duck-identification-resources
    4. https://www.fws.gov/uploadedfiles/ducks%20at%20a%20distance-ocr.pdf