The Piute Ponds Complex is the largest freshwater wetlands in Los Angeles County and has been named as part of a Sensitive Ecological Area. The complex encompasses ~5,614 acres and consists of lower Armagosa Creek, ponds, marshes, wet meadows, alkali sinks, desert scrub, clay pans, and dune systems. The hydrological system feeds into Rosamond Dry Lakebed, a remnant of a Lake that reached its peak in the Pleistocene Era. In the past, this area was supported entirely by surface water flow and artesian springs; however, due to human manipulation the primary flows that currently supports the area comes from LA County Sanitation District 14. The area is extensively used by photographers, bird watchers, hikers, waterfowl hunters, researchers, and nature enthusiasts. Due to its unique ecology the complex supports about 100 plant species, 20 mammals, 20 reptiles, 500 invertebrates, and 300 birds. The Piute Ponds complex is home to numerous sensitive plant species (e.g., alkali mariposa lilies, Rosamond eriastrum, etc.) as well as numerous sensitive bird species (e.g., LeConte‚Äôs thrasher, California least tern, willow flycatcher, redhead, tricolor blackbird, loggerhead shrike, and more!) As an important stop-over for migratory birds, the composition of bird species varies from season to season as different species migrate from their wintering grounds to their breeding and summer grounds. The area also has a long human history dating back over 30,000 bp.

Recreational use of this area is available to the public if vetted through Edwards Air Force Base Security Office. For more information on access contact 412 CEG/CEVA Office at 412CEG.CEVA.NaturalResources@us.af.mil or 661-275-2435.