For hunters wishing to receive credit hours towards a priority bump:

There are several things that are required prior to being eligible to volunteer and get credit:

  1. Paperwork must be filled out and retuned to 412 CEG/CEVA (see below for required forms)
  2. You need to review the safety briefing (which is now posted on the iSportsman website if you have an account under "My Safety Briefs" and Titled: "Safety Concerns").
  3. You need an access letter to enter the area, if you don't have one already (contact 412 CEG/CEVA for more information).
  4. You can either attend a volunteer work party day so that someone can directly account for your activities and volunteer hours or you must document and self-report your activities.
  1. Date worked
  2. Time in and time out
  3. Statement of what you accomplished
  4. How many people were involved (include their names if they want credit)
  5. Before and after photos

Please note:

  1. Volunteering outside a work party is based on the honor system and if it is abused the privilege will be revoked and you will no longer be eligible for the priority bump.
  2. These requirements will be strictly enforced. If you do not follow the procedures outlined above you will NOT receive credit.
  3. Please see Edwards Hunting and Fishing Instruction 32-7064 for more information on using volunteer hours to bump your priority level.  

Required Forms

  1. DD Form 2793*
  2. EM Volunteer Application
  3. EM Volunteer Liability Release

*For DD Form 2793: please fill out the following sections: 2, 6, 7, 9a, 9b, 11a, and 11b.

Mail or drop off forms with original signature to:

120  N. Rosamond Blvd. Suite A

Edwards AFB, CA 93524