ORV Area 1 (approximately 100 acres), located between the housing and cantonment areas, is operated as an "unofficial activity" at Edwards AFB. It has groomed jumps, track, fences, storage containers, and bleachers. Access is limited by an entrance gate and partial fence and designated access routes shall be followed. Use of the area is restricted to use by the Desert Wheels Motorcycle Club (DWMC). 

 Per Edwards AFB Instruction 31-218 use of the track is only for DWMC members. At this time membership is free, but you must have this signed membership card on you (paper or digital) while using the track. Only government ID holders with access to Edwards AFB are allowed to be members at this time. Members are expected to participate in at least 1 work day per year at the track. All interested parties must complete a membership form and the associated training, sign the waiver on the back, and email to DesertWheelsMC@gmail.com.

 Edwards AFB requires all riders of motorized and non-motorized vehicles to carry proof of training and receive ORVA safety training and desert tortoise awareness training (Newcommers), which can be located in your iSportsman account under "My Safety Briefs." Once trainings are complete, recreationalists can obtain a free ORVA permit under "Permits" to carry as proof of training completion. In addition, all ATV users must have a safety certification from the ATV Safety Institute