Fishing on Edwards AFB is only permitted at  Branch Memorial Park Pond. The water is sourced from a nearby well and water use is about 270 acre feet per year. Water quality data can be obtained from Edwards AFB Bio-Environmental Office. The pond is located on South Base off of Lancaster Boulevard and Branch Road (map). A dirt access road forms the perimeter of the pond. Fremont’s cottonwoods, willows, mesquite, and mule fat are the dominant plant species found around the pond edges. Cattails and bulrushes are the dominant emergent plants within the pond. Fish structures have been placed within the pond and consist of 55 gallon barrels and rock piles.  Fish in the pond may consist of channel catfish, largemouth bass, bluegill, red-eared sunfish, and carp. Rainbow trout are sometimes stocked in the pond during colder winter months.

 Fishing is allowed all year IAW Edwards AFB Instruction 32-7064. A state fishing license is not required and public access is not allowed because it is a limited resource. The purpose is to provide a warm water fishing pond as a source of recreation for base workers and residents. Fish are typically stocked on an annual basis are channel catfish and large-mouth bass. Fish suppliers willing to deliver to Edwards AFB are very limited due to the remote location of the base and stocking dates are variable. Vegetation and sediment control occurs about every 2 years which may cause short closures of the ponds. 

Signs will be posted during pond closures.