EAFBI 31-280, Motor Vehicle Traffic Supervision, serves as the regulation for the three ORV areas. ORV Area 1 (approximately 100 acres) is for the use of the Desert Wheels Motorcycle Club only. ORV Area 2 (about 15,040 acres), located west of the housing area, is jointly used for equestrian, ORV, and general recreational use. ORV Area 3 (about 4,328 acres with 32 miles of trails), located just north and northwest of NASA/Armstrong, and primarily west of Rosamond Boulevard, is only used for non-motorized mountain biking and jogging. No motorized ORVs are permitted in ORV Area 3.

The 412th Forces Support Squadron is the Office of Primary Responsibility (OPR) for oversight of the ORV use on base. All ORVs must be registered with the state and operated only within designated areas and trails in the ORV areas. Signs are placed at least every half mile along the boundary to delineate the ORV areas. Interpretive signs that provide rules, maps, and safety information are placed in at least two main access points to ORV Area 2. Security Forces regularly patrol the areas to ensure that riders remain within the boundaries and use existing trails. Edwards AFB requires all riders of motorized and non-motorized vehicles to carry proof of training and receive ORVA safety training and desert tortoise awareness training (Newcommers), which can be located in your iSportsman account under "My Safety Briefs." Once trainings are complete, recreationalists can obtain a free ORVA permit under "Permits" to carry as proof of training completion. In addition, all ATV users must have a safety certification from the ATV Safety Institute