Water Control Structures
         Over the last few years (and likely prior to that) there have been multiple instance of unauthorized tampering of the water control structures at the Piute Ponds Complex that has interfered with 412 CEG/CEVA's water management strategies and maintenance activities. To prevent further issues it was decided that more than verbal/written deterrents were needed. 412 CEG/CEVA (Edwards Air Force Base personnel) placed chains and locks around the readily accessible screw gate weirs, which prevents the turning of the screw gates.
         Lately it has also been noted that people hanging clothing and other items on the water control structures, climbing on them, or leaning against them. Please DO NOT touch the water control structures. They can be dangerous, especially in times of high water flows. In addition, if your items were to fall off the structures they could get caught inside the structures and block flow or cause damage to the infrastructure.


Maintenance Activities

       On-going maintenance activities occur at the Ponds. Please continue to be courteous to the maintenance crews and practice situational awareness with your person and your vehicles to ensure your safety and the safety of the operators. Occassionally cones may block the road they are working on or to block roads that are not safe to drive upon. Please do not drive around them.


Vehicle Parking

      I’d like to thank those of you who continue to be courteous to the various recreationalists, maintenance crews, and managers that utilize the resources at Piute Ponds. Please continue to be cognizant of others and ensure you and your vehicles do not block the roads. Always park to the side of the road vs. the middle of the road so that others can get around you. If you are on a road where there is not enough room to allow another vehicle around you, please stay close to your vehicle and promptly move it if others are trying to get by.


Example of Good Parking


Road Conditions

        Most of the roads around the complex have been and continue to be worked on by maintenance crews. Please keep your speeds down to help us maintain the roads. In addition, be alert to the dangers of wet roads! Many of the roads around the Piute Ponds Complex have a high clay content, which makes them very slippery when wet (such as after a rain storm). In general, if you see puddles in the roads don’t drive through them. It creates large ruts and you can get stuck. We try to block off roads that have high risks but the weather can create conditions faster than we can react to them. When in doubt get out of your car and walk through some of the puddle. If you can’t walk through it you likely can’t drive through it either without tearing up the road.